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What the TG Schools Do Provide


Prep Period


Intíl Period

What TG Schools Offer






After the discussion so far you may be surprised to hear that the TG do provide people with some important aspects.These factors basically boil down to two thing (1) Providing people with structure and (2) Creating a travel group.Both of these things are very attractive as one contemplates all the unknowns associated with travel and service in a completely foreign place.

The promise of providing training and placement in exotic locations is HUGE!People without many skills or money are clearly attracted to the idea of fitting into this overall system but often the experience does not turn out as hoped because of the issues associated with Humana and the TG.As a former TG member notes

When I took this contract 12 months ago and agreed to join the TG, I only knew that I was getting a chance to return to Angola. That's all that seemed to matter to me. I forgot to contemplate the idea of living under DAPP ideals. That was my greatest mistake. Today I can still say that I want to continue to work in Angola or elsewhere in Africa. That's not where I have gone wrong. I've chosen the correct vocation and location, but I simply didn't choose the proper organization with which to work

Equally attractive is the promise of working on a project together with a group of bright energetic people from around the world. Striking off on your own seems both risky and lonely and by joining one of these schools you get ready made travelling companions.As a former IICD-MI notes

Why did I stay?Well, thatís a long story.I wanted to go with a group.I didnít feel confident enough to go on my own.I kept hoping things would change, that at least I would have time to really learn Hindi.I did have the time and space to prepare myself.I read books about development work, about other peopleís experiences in the fieldÖI became involved with a few people and felt loyal to them.I wanted to see what would happen to some of the young people during their time in India, if they would grow and mature a little.Given what I know now, Iím really, really sorry I didnít leave after the first month.

However, I hope I have convinced you that along with these two good things come a whole set of problems, questionable training and projects and a lot of potential head and heartache.Now before you start getting depressed about not being able to do what you want let me show you that you can actually have a similar travel and volunteer experience on your own.


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